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Phone:  +386 1 307 21 51


Role in the project

Through its project group, the Medical Chamber of Slovenia, as the representative body of all licenced physicians practicing medicine within Slovenia, will:

  • Participate in a study examining the expectations and experiences of medical treatment provided to victims of violence, and the current situation in the field in Slovenia and internationally
  • Create a unit of educational content and contributions as part of public events and carry out part of the educational activities in connection to the medical aspects of identifying and treating victims of domestic violence
  • Design a submission form for the accreditation of training programmes eligible for credit points
  • Provide logistical support and offer its facilities for public and educational events (organisation, promotion, invitations, registration of attendees, technical support in the hall, etc.)
  • Manage the promotion of project-related events and activities and the distribution of content and materials connected to project activities (the website, the creation, printing and distribution of printed materials, design, proofreading, the organisation of press conferences, the distribution of electronic notices and invitations)
  • Organise and prepare contributions at an event aimed at the general public as well as the final project conference and the Manual for Treating Victims of Domestic Violence for Health Care Professionals

The Medical Chamber of Slovenia will ensure that the project activities specifically reach target groups of medical professionals from all Slovene regions and that key representatives who professionally deal with the issue of domestic violence (family medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology, psychiatry, community nursing, emergency (trauma surgery) departments, hospital units and counselling services) are represented. The Medical Chamber of Slovenia will also create a website in Slovene and English that will continue to be updated after the project is completed and will seek to inform the general public and professional communities about the issue of domestic violence and its treatment. All logistical activities aim to raise awareness in the general public about the issue of domestic violence and appropriate measures within the health care system as well social work, safety and NGOs, which will indirectly, though significantly improve the public health situation in Slovenia.

Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts


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Lilijana Šprah, PhD
Novi trg 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone:  +386 1 470 64 39
Mobile:  +386 31 632 102


Role in the project

The Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU) is one of the leading research institutions in Slovenia, and also well-recognized in the European research sphere. Since 2000, the interdisciplinary research group at the Sociomedical Institute ZRC SAZU has focused its research interest to phenomena of well-being, mental and general health. The Institute combines knowledge and research orientations of sociology, cultural/medical anthropology and medical and health psychology. Broad array of research topics extends from migration and ageing, family farming to mental health, stress at the workplace, long-term care, e-health and medical pluralism.
Sociomedical Institute ZRC SAZU will play a central role in the management and coordination of the project. The skillfulness and extensive experience of the project team will play an important role in:

  • Designing and implementing qualitative and quantitative research
  • Preparing educational materials
  • Organizing events for professional and general public
  • Co-developing and carrying out of educational trainings
  • Evaluation of the project activities
  • Co-development of professional and scientific articles
  • Communication with the media and the general public

INSTITUTE EMMA, Center for victims of violence


Contact details

Natalija Gregorič
Tržaška 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone:  +386 1 425 47 32


Role in the project

Zavod EMMA center for victims of violence is a non-profit organization, 15 years active in providing specialized professional assistance to victims of domestic violence.
Based on the experiences in the implementation of our activities for victims of violence (telephone and personal counselling, self-help group, social advocacy and accompaniment), we participate in the project POND_SiZdrav in the following activities:

  • In the preparation of recommendations for dealing with victims of domestic violence in the context of health services and their integration with NGOs
  • We take part in the research analysis of the needs of victims of violence and their treatment in the context of health care activities, in providing access to our clients who will identify their expectations and experience in relation to their treatment as a victim of abuse
  • In preparing educational content and implementation of labour education activities related to the identification and treatment of victims of domestic violence in their activities
  • In the preparation of the Manual for dealing with victims of domestic violence for health workers, for the final proceedings of the project conference and presentation as part of the final event for general public
  • For informing and communicating about project events and activities through our networks

Social work center Maribor


Contact details

Francka Premzel, Social work center Maribor
Zagrebška 72, Maribor, Slovenia
Phone:  +386 2 250 66 00


Role in the project

Center for social work is the main and binding institution in providing assistance in cases of violence, offering help to victims of domestic violence and also to generators of domestic violence. It is working and seeking solutions together with people in a way to stop violence, securing safe life for victims in advance, and including the generator of violence into services where the person will be trained and got familiar with ways of seeking and choosing suitable manners that are not threatening. To achieve these goals we work closely together with all relevant institutions and nongovernmental organizations, which are with their nature of work and assignments included in the lives of victim and of generator of domestic violence.
Center for social work as projector partner will collaborate within:

  • Preparation of recommendations for management of victims of violence in the frame of mutual collaboration
  • Preparation of training contents
  • Preparation of the manual for management of victims of domestic violence for health professionals
  • Taking part in preparation of expert articles on violence
  • Participation in implementation in training and public awareness raising

St. Olavs Hospital, Universitetssykehuset i Trondheim


Contact details

Roger Almvik, PhD
PO 1803 LADE N-7041, Trondheim, Norway
​Phone:  +47 4 546 88 80


Role in the project

The Brøset Centre for research and education in forensic psychiatry is responsible for research and developmental activities in the area of forensic psychiatry. Its main area of activity is the management and prediction of risks related to mental disorders, including criminal acts in the area of sexual integrity and sexual violence. The centre also cooperates in trainings for health workers. They will contribute their knowledge and share examples of good practices, especially related to:

  • Regulation of domestic violence within Norwegian legislation
  • Inter-sectoral cooperation
  • Pathways of care for potential victims of domestic violence within different health care settings (family medicine, surgery, paediatrics, gynaecology, community nursing service, etc.);
  • Approaches to victims of vulnerable groups (elderly, the unemployed, Roma community, migrants, rural population)
  • Psychological intervention for perpetrators of intimate violence
  • The Brøset anger management approach

The project is co-financed within The Norwegian Financial Mechanism Programme 2009-2014. The coordinator of the program is the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy of the Republic of Slovenia.

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