Project goals

Specific project goals are:

  • Implementation of the Family Violence Prevention Act in the health sector
  • Education of health workers based on professional guidelines for responding to domestic violence in health care settings (developed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia)
  • Increasing clinical, communication and cultural competencies of health workers to recognise and treat victims of domestic violence and to work with vulnerable groups
  • Establishing inter-sectoral treatment of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence comparable to international practices

Target groups

Along with the general public and professionals working in the field of domestic violence prevention, the main target groups are:

  • Health professionals working in the field of family medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology, psychiatry, home care nursing, urgent (trauma) units, hospital units and counselling services that encounter victims of domestic violence during clinical practice: Health care in the above mentioned fields is provided by approximately 5.300 professionals (of those 1.450 doctors of medicine and 820 professionals in home care nursing). The educational training about recognising and treating victims of domestic violence for health care professionals has so far not been regulated or systematically carried out. For this reason, the educational trainings for at least 1600 (up to 1900) health workers from all regions of Slovenia will be designed. Through various dissemination activities and on-line, training-information materials will be available to a wider group of health workers
  • Victims of domestic violence seeking health care, with an emphasis on vulnerable groups (migrants, Roma, unemployed, older people, rural population): In the framework of research, an analysis of their experiences, expectations and needs within health care will be carried out. The results will be taken into account in preparing trainings of health workers and in developing brochures with information about identification and consequences of domestic violence and forms of help. The brochures will be available in different health care institutions across the country

The project is co-financed within The Norwegian Financial Mechanism Programme 2009-2014. The coordinator of the program is the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy of the Republic of Slovenia.

Norway grants